1. Solar System Data
Tables of many physical and orbital parameters for each of the major bodies in the solar system.

2. Extrema
Lists of the biggest, smallest, brightest and densest bodies in the solar system and a list of those bodies least unsuitable for life.

3. Discovery Chronology
Lists of which bodies were discovered in each century since Galileo.

4. The Origin of the Solar System
A brief description of the early history of the solar system.

5. Planetary Linguistics
Some interesting linguistic tidbits relating to the planets.

6. Astronomical Names
An explanation of the way names are chosen for astronomical bodies and their surface features.

7. Hypothetical Planets
An essay on planets and moons that turned out to not be real.

8. Picture List
Partial and woefully out of date list of planetary pictures available on the Net and offline.

9. Music List
Classical music related to the planets.

A. Credits
People and publications that helped.

B. Mirror sites
The sites around the Net where The Nine Planets is located.

C. Copyrights
The images are NASA's, the text is mine...

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