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Appendix 8:

Planetary Picture List


The Nine Planets Shop
Posters, T-shirts, mouse pads, coffee mugs with a planetary theme. Check 'em out!

These pages collect together references to many pictures of the solar system that can be found on the Net. I have removed some duplicates, but probably some remain.

Since I originally compiled this list the number of relevant images has grown tremendously. I cannot hope to keep up with them all. If you don't find what you want here, try the references below.

Note: most of the pictures here are not true color. Most of them were created by combining several black and white images taken thru various color filters. Though the colors may look "right" chances are they aren't exactly what your eye would see.




The NASA Atlas of the Solar System
Drop dead gorgeous! Here are many of the same images seen in The Nine Planets but reproduced with far better resolution and color. If you liked The Nine Planets, you'll love this.

Orbit : Nasa Astronauts Photograph the Earth
A beautiful coffee table book. Kids often ask me which is my favorite planet. My answer is always "Earth". This book shows why.

Planet Earth
Amazing pictures of Earth from space combine useful science and artistic beauty.

Other lists of Net resources

Where to find hard copy prints of NASA images

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