1. Hubble Spies Brown Dwarfs in Nearby Stellar Nursery (2 images)
    2. Hubble Peeks Into a Stellar Nursery in a Nearby Galaxy
    3. The Trapezium Core
    4. The Carina (Keyhole) Nebula in the Infrared
    5. SOFI Finds Young and Massive Stars in the Omega Nebula
    6. Massive Infant Stars Rock Their Cradle
    7. The Omega Nebula, M17 in the Infrared (NGC 6618)
    8. The Open Cluster Westerlund 1 the Infrared (NGC 6618)
    9. IRAS 20306+4005 in the Infrared
    10. The High-Mass Star Formation Region K3-50 in the Infrared
    11. The Molecular Cloud and Embedded Star Cluster Monoceros R2 in the Infrared
    12. The Open Cluster M7
    13. The Open Cluster M11
    14. The Open Cluster M93
    15. The Irregular Star Cluster M23
    16. Merope in the Pleiades
    17. The Double Cluster h and c Persei
    18. The Double Cluster NGC 1850 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
    19. NGC 1850 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
    20. The CFHT Open Cluster Survey: NGC 2099
    21. The Irregular Star Cluster M103
    22. The Globular Cluster M3
    23. The Globular Cluster M10
    24. The Globular Cluster M12 in the Infrared
    25. The Globular Cluster M19
    26. The Globular Cluster M22
    27. The Globular Cluster M69 (NGC 6637)
    28. The Globular Cluster M80
    29. The Globular Cluster NGC 6356
    30. The Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae
    31. The Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae in the Infrared
    32. The Globular Cluster Omega Centauri in the Infrared
    33. The Globular Cluster Messier M55 in the Infrared
    34. Hodge 301 in the Tarantula Nebula
    35. The Starburst Region NGC 3603
    36. Sagittarius Star Cloud
    37. Globular Cluster NGC 1916 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
    38. Globular Cluster G1 of M31
    39. Nearby Massive Star Cluster

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