Rosette Nebulae Emission-Line Image

Rosette Nebulae Emission-Line Image
From the National Optical Astronomical Observatories
This stunning emission-line image of the Rosette nebula (NGC 2237) in the constellation Monoceros was taken at the National Science Foundation's 0.9-m telescope on Kitt Peak with the Mosaic camera. It is in false color (hydrogen a, O III oxygen, and S II sulfur respectively red, green and blue, using five ten-minute exposures each). The Rosette Nebula is a prominent star formation region, glowing due to ultraviolet light from the young, hot, blue stars whose winds also cleared the central hole. It is covers more than six times the area of the full moon on the sky.
Image Title: Rosette Nebulae Emission-Line Image
Credit: T.A.Rector, B.Wolpa, M.Hanna, AURA/NOAO/NSF
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