The Nebula RCW 87 in the Infrared

The  Nebula  RCW 87 in the Infrared
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RCW 87 also known as IRAS 15015-5720 is an H II region (ionized nebula) and young star cluster embedded in a dark dust cloud, situated less than 1 degree from the Galactic Plane. The paucity of stars around the nebula, even in the near-infrared, imply a high extinction toward this region. The nebula appears to have a distinct boundary. The near-infrared emission from the nebula is likely a combination of light from the bright young stars in the cluster reflected by dust and possibly 2.12µ emission from the molecular hydrogen gas from which the stars recently formed and still appear to be forming; along the northwest edge of the nebula appears to be what could be an embedded young stellar object. About 4.5 arcmin to the northeast of the nebula's center is another smaller embedded nebula, which could be the site of ongoing star formation as well.

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