The Star Forming Region RCW 38 in the Infrared

The Star Forming Region RCW 38 in the Infrared
From the 2Mass Image Gallery
The central cluster of the southern star-forming region RCW 38 has a number of massive O stars embedded within a dense, heavily obscuring cloud. Star formation here is very recent and still ongoing. RCW 38 is at a distance of ~1.7 kpc (~5500 light years). As seen in the 2MASS near-infrared Image mosaic, the nebulosity associated with RCW 38 is extensive across a large area, with dust lanes and patches running throughout. Other, smaller obscured star-forming regions are nearby, with less-obscured young, massive stars and associated reflection nebulae also in the field. Image mosaic by S. Van Dyk (IPAC)..
This image is a three-band composite constructed from 2MASS Atlas Images. They are infrared images and therefore must be mapped into false colors: J light (1.2 µm) into blue, H light (1.6 µm) in green, and Ks light (2.2 µm) into red. The Atlas Images are produced in the 2MASS Production Processing System. North is up and east is to the left.

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