Trapezium Extended

Trapezium Extended
From the Hubble Space Telescope and Doug Johnstone's Orion Page
An extended view of the Trapezium showing the four energetic massive stars and a plethora of Sun-like stars with surrounding extended emission. The Trapezium is located in the center of the Orion nebula seen here as a blue background glow. Note how the material surrounding the Sun-like stars produces a cometary structure with a bright head and a tail pointing directly away from the energetic central massive stars.
This false color mosaic, made by combining multiple Hubble Space Telescope images, was presented to the American Astronomical Society meeting in Toronto, Canada on January 14th, 1997.
Image Title: Trapezium Extended
Text based on materials on Doug Johnstone's Orion Page
Photo Credit: John Bally, Dave Devine, and Ralph Sutherland.

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