The Orion Molecular Cloud, OMC-1

The Orion Molecular Cloud, OMC-1
From CFHT's Astronomy Picture of the Week
This image is if the Orion Molecular Cloud, OMC-1. The region next to the Becklin-Neugebauer object is visible, with the so-called bullets: blobs of material, part of a large scale molecular outflow being ejected at high speed. This observation scans the s(1)(1-0) line of molecular hydrogen at 2.12 microns as obtained with GriF, an imaging spectrograph, with Fabry-Perot, attached behind the adaptive optics bonnette of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. The velocity field is color coded in the image. Material moving toward us is shown in blue, while material receding from us appears in red. The complex velocity field of the outflow and the "bullets" are apparent. Note that the image has not been treated for cosmetics yet.
Image Title: The Orion Molecular Cloud, OMC-1
Image courtesy of Y. Clenet & E. le Coarer from the GriF team and J.L. Lemaire & D. Field, observers
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