Apollo 12 Lunar Module Above the Moon

Apollo 12 Lunar Module Above the Moon
From the National Space Science Data Center Image Gallery
This image of the Apollo 12 lunar module was taken from the command module by astronaut Richard Gordon shortly after separation. The lunar module is 110 km above the surface highlands. The large crater in the left foreground is the 164 km diameter Ptolemaeus, centered at 9.3 S, 1.9 W. Herschel crater, 40 km in diameter, is at the right, centered at 5.7 S, 2.1 W. The image is looking to the west. Gordon was just beginning his 38 hours of solo orbits around the Moon in the command module while Charles Conrad and Alan Bean explored the surface.
Image Title: Apollo 12 Lunar Module Above the Moon
Text based on internet materials accompanying Apollo 12 Photograph AS12-H-51-7507.

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