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Nighttime meteorological observations are summarized below. A dark hour, i.e. an hour within astronomical darkness, was assessed as photometric if the folowing conditions are fullfilled: obscuration above 10 degree elevation less than 20%; relative humidity less than 90%; average wind speed (at 10 m above ground) less than 20 m/sec: astronomical seeing not more than 5 arcseconds. A spectroscopic hour was one in which the humidity and wind speed conditions were as above, excepting that the obscuration limit was relaxed to 50% and no limit was imposed on the seeing. All other dark hours were clasified as unusable. Photometric night: A night with >4 consecutive hours of photometric hour; spectroscopic night: >2 consecutive spectroscopic hour or one spectroscopic hour followed by a photometric hour. (Astron. Astrophysics, 208, 385-391 (1989)

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