SCIENCE Nov 2002

First Light:....

First light and first spectra were obtained on October 31, 2002. DEFPOS operated under 20 cm hole on the roof of the RTT150 building. So first light from zenith!
Halpha profile for laboratory

Atmospheric Halpha emission

Galactic Halpha feature from the region indicated below

Scanned region of galactic plane (red line)

Few More:....

Various examples on Atmospheric and Galactic features. Instrumental profile is not corrected on the velocity profiles.

Atmospheric emission at V=130 km/h
Atm (V=120 km/h) + Gal (V=130 km.h)
Gal (115 km/h) + Atm (V=120 km/h)
Atm emis ((V=120 km/h) + abs (V=105 & 135 km/h)

Umit Kiziloglu