Brief description of the Mirror Modules

There are two sets of mirror modules. The MM is designed as a conical approximation to the Wolter I Xray telescope geometry. The outer diameter of the MMs are 600 mm and inner radius is 82 mm. The focal length is 8000 mm. The MMs have each 143 laquered and AU-coated 0.4 mm thick Al-foils, nested to completely fill the opening. The design goal is an angular resolution of 2 arcmin HPW.

The MM effective area and telescope parameters are described below.

Effective Area

[SODART MM Effective Area]

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MM Specifications - One Unit Field of view arcmin 60 Half power width arcmin < 2 Focal length m 8 Diameter: Inner Shell cm 16 Outer Shell cm 60 Reflecting surface Ang. gold 400 Effective area sq. cm @2 keV 1460 sq. cm @8 keV 1120 sq. cm @20 keV 94 Shell material mm aluminum 0.4 Shell separation (min) mm 0.52 Shell length cm 20 Number of shells 143 Mass per telescope kg 101 Total mirrored surface sq. m 62