focal plane instrument of

SODART telescope


KFRD was designed by Moscow Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of  Science (IKI RAN) and Design Bureau OKB "Aalam" (Bishkek,Kirgyzstan).  The detector of KFRD is a  Multiware  Proportional Counter  (MWPC). The experience  which was got during development and exploitation of ART-P X-Ray telescope on board GRANAT satellite was used in development of KFRD.
KFRD is being developed to be main focal plane imaging  instrument of SODART Mirror X-ray telescope on board of the international space observatory SPECTRUM-X-GAMMA.
The energy range of detector is  2-25 keV, energy resolution at 6 keV is 18%, position resolution is 0.5 mm.
The sensitive volume of the KFRD detector is  pictured above.
The effective area and detector parameters are given below.

MM plus KFRD Effective Areas

[MM plus HEPC/LEPC Effective Areas]

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KFRD Parameters
Energy  range  2-25 keV
Energy resolution at 6 keV 18%
Spatial resolution(FWHM)  0.5-0.6 mm 
Time Resolution  1/4096 s
Sensitive area  225 cm^2
Gas mixture  85% xenon, 10% argon,5% CO2
Gas pressure  1.2 bar
Dead time 25 Ás
Charge particle rejection level >96%
Life time  > 3 years

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