HEPC/LEPC Proportional Counters

The HEPC/LEPC detectors are Microstrip Proportional Counters (MSPC), in which convertional wire grids are replaced by narrowly spaced, conducting microstrips accurately deposited (+/- 0.1 micron) on an insulating substrate. A High- and a low-energy (HEPC and LEPC) detector will be provided for each mirror module.

The effective area and detector parameters are given below.

MM plus HEPC/LEPC Effective Areas

[MM plus HEPC/LEPC Effective Areas]

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HEPC/LEPC Detector Parameters Energy Resolution 0.32 x sqrt(E) keV Background Rejection >99% Time Resolution <10 microsec Gas 90% xenon, 10% methane HEPC LEPC Field of view arcmin 60 30 Diameter of active area mm 150 75 Diameter of window mm 140 70 Position resolution mm <1 <2 Energy range keV 2-25 0.2-8 Gas thickness cm 4 4 Gas pressure atm 1 0.5 Window: Polyimide micrometers 7.5 0.85 Al nanometers 52 38