Using Qoption Specifiers

Use the -Qoption (Linux*) or /Qoption (Windows*) option with the applicable keywords to select particular inline expansions and loop optimizations. The option must be entered with a -ip or -ipo (Linux) or /Qip or /Qipo (Windows) specification, as follows:




-ip or /Qip [-Qoption,tool,opts]


/Qip or /Qipo [/Qoption,tool,opts]

In the command syntax tool is Fortran (f) and opts are -Qoption (Linux) or /Qoption Windows) option specifiers. See Specifying Alternative Tools and Locations in Building Applications for the supported specifiers.

For more detailed information about the supported specifiers and arguments, see the following topic:

If you specify -ip or -ipo (Linux) or /Qip or /Qipo (Windows) without any -Qoption (Linux) or /Qoption (Windows) qualification, the compiler does the following:

Refer to Criteria for Inline Function Expansion to see how these specifiers may affect the inlining heuristics of the compiler.