g, Zi, Z7

Tells the compiler to generate full debugging information in the object file.

IDE Equivalent



IA-32, IntelŪ EM64T, IntelŪ ItaniumŪ architecture


Linux: -g
Windows:  /Zi




OFF No debugging information is produced in the object file.


This option tells the compiler to generate symbolic debugging information in the object file for use by debuggers.

The compiler does not support the generation of debugging information in assemblable files. If you specify this option, the resulting object file will contain debugging information, but the assemblable file will not.

This option turns off O2 and makes O0 (Linux) or Od (Windows) the default unless O2 (or another O option) is explicitly specified in the same command line.

On Linux IA-32 systems, specifying the g or O0 option sets the fp option.

For more information on Zi and Z7, see keyword full in debug (Windows*).

Alternate Options

Linux: None
Windows: /debug:full (or /debug)